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I really feel i should update. but i don't know what to say.


Recieved a letter from manpower in the post today. Yippee! i thought. pay slippage, or a bundle of cash, or at the very least a cheque! But no. it was none of these. What delights did i behold as i opened the envelope? a fucking timesheet. JUST a timesheet. No accompanying letter, explination of why they should suddenly decide to send me a timesheet. Maybe they thought it would prompt me into 'remembering that i didn't hand one in'

The plan is, since i'm not working for them anymore - (I told the manager yesterday that i didn't want to be there in view of not being paid, to which i got handed a uniform & told that i worked for Warner now, not manpower) - I'm going to pay a visit to thier office on monday & stand there looking angry till i get paid.

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