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Trying to organize a night out in bristol over the coming weekend and for once i'll probably be able to pull a fair few ppl together, unfort. most of my mates don't like plans, and the weekend is far too far away to think about now. Grrrr.

Nick says he might be up for it, but he'll let me know closer to the time, as does Mark. EzE might be up for it too, depending on work i guess (then again i have a feeling i'll be on evening shifts over the weekend, & i'm gonna try damn hard not to let that stop me) Rev.Hatty has said he'll be interested, as long as everyone is going to be getting ratted....... I'll say we will, no point clubbing if ur not going to do it properly eh? ;) Possably all the guys that were clubbing last time too, Pete (who won't answer his phone, as per, Grr.). Phil Et Al.. Might also be able to persuade a cpl of ppl from work.

In all it should be good fun, assuming it happens

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