Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

oh yeah, the rest of the entry...

Tried to get hold of Nick today, was gonna kill an hour or two after work by meeting up & having a natter, but he was busy, maybe tomorrow he says, which is probably for the best.

Had a couple of missed calls on my mobile while i was in work a couple of days ago, after some confusion on my part as my phone hadn't linked the phonebook entry to the number (doh!) I realised they were from Pete & Phil DOH! Havn't been able to get hold of either of them since, and have been kicking myself just as much as i deserve since too.

Currently appreciating the full depth and intesity of Resurrection by PPK, has been my fave song for a while & is still firmly seated in the top spot. No mix i've heard does it more justice than The Perfecto Edit. Quite aptly named i think.
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