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It's that time again......

Time for me to update, i really should do it more often, but work seems to get in the way, that and sleeping, eating, and ... other things. Star Wars - Attack of the Clones opens in a week. we have 11 showings a day, and i was informed today that we've completely sold out 16th 17th and 18th. that's 33 showings. with an average of 400 ppl per showing (depending on what screens it's shown in) that's 13200 people for star wars alone. Slackers opens on friday, that looks like a good laugh. As does Dog Soldiers, which i am reliably informed is truely awful. the kind of truely awful that's worth going to see for the sheer awfulness. Tickets for Spiderman go on sale soon, either a week or two weeks, i can't remember which. We were gleefully informed that warner bros. US sold 14mil tickets in the first three days of ticket sales. Joy.

Next weeks rota looks good, I have monday and tuesday off! (yes, that's right, two days in a row!) I've also got next friday off, secured by my offering to work a 0900 - 2230 shift on the day that star wars opens (I was down to work a 0900 - 1800). Apart from my 0900 - 1800 tomorrow (Friday) and the thursday shift i'm on 1400 - 2230 shifts the rest of the week, which suits me fine, don't have to open or close anything, and i get a taxi home. Bonus.

Well, That's enough of my Wiffle for one evening, As i have to be up at 0700 and it's 0300 i'd better get to bed. Bah @ shitty shift rotation.

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