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Monitor issues ...

I now have my monitor on EzE's secondary machine, as Azekeil wanted the moniter EzE was using on it back now that he has room for two machines (he bought a new desk), (which is fair enough). only my monitor has decided that it doesn't want to work in anything more than safe mode display properties (640x480 16 colour), needless to say the website design has been suspended untill i can A, get the bitch working. or B, find another monitor in all likelyhood i've tried doing everything possable to get it working at least three times, so it'll be option B.
Ho fucking Hum.

A small progress report tho, the guestbook is now as i want it to be and the contact page is up. i've made the first page u see in the center of the popup window into a news & updates kinda thing and i'm halfway thru writing the about me page. other than links, which shouldn't be too difficult, it's well on its way to being finished :)

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