Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

Now that the website is done i'm left feeling a little bored, feeling like i should still be working on it...if this is because there's nothing on it, or ghosts from preivious attempts that have lasted weeks i'm not sure, maybe a bit of both :p
I now have started thinking along the lines of webcammage..not with my current cam tho, it's not bad in itself but the software is shite, utterly, utterly shite. this may have to wait, but i do have room for other links along the bottom, & i'm sure i'll get ideas from time to time.
ok i'm waffling, it's seven AM & i'm waiting for my alarm to go off to tell me to get off my ass & get the bus to work. i was on a 2230 last night & didn't manage to get any sleep :( nm, i have tomorrow off & i get paid on friday W00T! Friday has many things planned for it already, which prolly means i'll be given the worst shift possable so i can't do anything.
still, they can't make me work forever, and when i do get enough time off the world better watch out >Grin<

I've been getting mostly good feedback about the new website design which has made me a happy Snoweh creature, and has inspired me to think about offering my skills as a service again, not quite on as big a scale as last time, i think i put too much hope on it & when it failed miserably i had my illusions shattered rather rudely which dragged my opinion of my talents down rather rapidly. Or something :p

Anyhoo ... I should stop rabbiting and get on with getting ready for work :)

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