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Saturday i had a good one, in the day i saw the kids, who are both as cute as ever. The welcome i got when i got there was amazing, they were both so excited i thought they were gonna explode... So cute :)
stayed round there for a good while, playing with them & chatting to them. Daniel seems to have taken a real liking to my pendnt, so much so that i'm thinking of getting him one and putting it on a little keyring or something for him.
Stayed round to get them ready for bed & read them a story, which is always nice, had a quick drink afterwards with Scoff (only half of one actually, even that made me come out in beetroot blotches, I've gone right off alcohol for some reason) Then off into town to say a quick hello & catch up with Nick well, should have known really, it being a saturday night 'n' all, the 'Quick Drink' ended up with me staying till kickout time. But i'm glad for it as i met alot of ppl, some of whom i hadn't seen in weeks & weeks, got Pete's new number and a valid reason for him being incommunicado for the last six or eight weeks. (His phone is fux0red, the last straw for it was when he was chucked in the docks by his brother, and had it in his pocket.....)

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