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it's lunchtime, no one is on ICQ and MSN won't sign in.

today has been slow, it feels like the morning has lasted a week. I feel tired, drained, have a runny nose and my head feels all wrong. Large amounts of caffine don't seem to have helped much.

Still, EzE will be home when i get home, this is a Good Thing™

Didn't have a good night last night, was troubled with nightmares, it seems childish but there are some fears i can't seem to get away from in my dreams :(

MSN still won't sign in, methinks some pe0n has been buggering about with the network settings on this machine. Ho-dy Hum. This brings me to the dielemma of should i switch machines or put up with it, living with the knowladge that there's prolly no one on MSN anyhow....Hmmz

wellt here are two machines free, i think i will go try another one

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