Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,


Ray, my sup. went on holiday yesterday, leaving me to do the post on my own after only four days of being here. it was, interesting to say the least. Well it's lunchtime and it's all done. Just.

Found out that the list of ppl we use to sort things out with is, infact, about six months out of date, and there is no easily accessable list of home based consultants. there is, however a big green folder, with business cards for them all in. Guess what i'm doing this afternoon.... yeah, u've got it, i'm making a list using the business cards. Thankfully i get the use of a PC to do this (there are hundreds of them) unfortunately the keyboard is even worse than the ones down here. Ho-dy hum.

Tomorrow I am seeing the kids again, Yay! If i can arrange it they will be coming over so that my Dad can see them as well, after which i will be looking after them so that Scoff can go out. This means i have to find out when the last bus is, which i must do at some point ... Hmmz.

Things are generally good, Have spoken to Nick and will be seeing him midweek as well as on friday night, am hoping for a large one on friday night with Pete, Tom et al.

Well that's about it really. More tomorrow no doubt.

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