Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

Payday ....

Geeze, the stress of payday, Checked internet banking this morning & had no money in, altho i recieved a payslip in the mail yesterday. Hmmz. Curious. Phoned up manpower, told them i had a payslip, but no money in the bank, turns out they'd sent me the wrong payslip and i'd be getting a correct one with an apology note thru the mail soon. but there was still no money in my bank. They suggested I go to my bank and ask them to check the account for pending deposits, as they had a BACS report saying the payment had been made. Grr. Went to the bank and asked, but there was nothing due to come in, so phoned manpower from the bank. Grrs & Curses. Eventually someone managed to tell me that there had been a delay thier end and the payment would show in my account after 12. Great. Fuckwits.

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