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Jul. 25th, 2002

Quite a few things to report.

This evening I started playing Syberia and actually enjoyed it rather more than any of the other games that have been released recently, I'm already further than EzE is, but i doubt that will last long becasue no doubt he'll just carry on from my savegame :p

Managed to get some sense out of the fuckwits at Manpower today, altho much pestering was involved. The job they want to place me in is with Securicor in a trading estate not far from where we live. The work title appears to be cash sorting, which apparently involves shuffling large bundles of (sealed) cash about, this will pay me £5.93 an hour between the hours of 1800 and 0000, which is good, as this means i can do seven days AND see the kids. Also it's not too hard to go out on a friday after work as the club only opens at eleven anyway. The bad news, I was told this morning to expect a call from admin for some information, apparently the company have 'different referencing policies to most of our other clients' Hmz i thought, can't be that bad. Turns out they want photocopies of passport and NI card, as well as SIX YEARS address history. EEP! well i managed the six years address history, just, altho i will have to phone them FIRST THING in the morning to tell them that one of the address numbers is 31, not 41 as i had thought it was. DOH! and instead of passport and NI card i can give them a copy of my birth certificate (*cringe, don't think that will survive going thru a fax machine!) and a payslip with my NI number on, which i shall wander to a place with a fax machine and fax them tomorrow. oddly enuff the nearest fax i know of is in the LAN cafe that's just opened on North Street, Gamepoint's closest competition...... I'm sure i can sneak in when he's not looking :p

I've also been doing some more creative work, not with images this time tho. I've been dabbling into the realms of electronix music, only mixing for now, while i get familiarised with techniques and software. The Elite Few who have heard my first creation have said good things about it, and i've been told to keep doing it. >Silly Grin<

My sunburn is now near enough cleared up, just a couple of flakey patches really. Altho my shoulders did get burnt quite badly & may look a bit grim for a while :(

My MP3 collection is undergoing an overhaul, due to it becoming far too disorganised.
This has meant that i've moved my collection off of the public FTP for now, but don't fret! Normal service will be resumed shortly. :)

Well, I Think I've bored you good people enough for one session. >Grin<

Stay Happy :)


Jul. 25th, 2002 12:18 am (UTC)
doh! Faxing even

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