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guilt and elation

well this morning has been a good one, and a bad one... Andy and i did something that (probably understandably) hasn't happened since thursday evening, and it felt good, it wasn't lovemaking, just sex, but it still felt just as emotional and helped me on my quest for happyness again. The reason it's been bad is because i ICQ'd cryx yesterday & she was busy, and said so & went offline when i wasn't paying attention, the reply i gave to this was rather blunt, and a tad rude, i went down to my PC this morning to find she'd attempted to talk to me again at some point yesterday and felt a pang of guilt at not being there for her :(

Sorry cryx babe >Smile<

I've bandaged up my wrist in such a way that it lookes like it was sprained for work today, i just hope the ppl there won't be too upset about me not coming in on friday, i also hope it's going to be a good day, ATM i think a good day or a bad day at work can meant he difference between lasting depression, or coming closer to genuine recovery.

Well, only time will tell, it's time for work so i should be going.

Toodle Pipski :)

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