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Had a decent night out last night & secured a couple more contacts. managed to get thru the night with NO MONEY too, (Still getting wasted of course!)
missed my chance to see the kids this weekend tho, due to accidently falling asleep when i popped home for a couple of hours to spend time with eze before he went to work. Was immensely dissapointed when i woke up to find i'd fallen unconcious and he was leaving for work, had wanted to spend the time wrapped up in him :( Ahh well, there's always tomorrow. also woke up to a couple of snotty texts from scoff.

Finally bought Tall Chris to meet eze, and am sat in gamepoint listening to meaders whine that they can't get their PC working (try turning the fucking monitor back on then, moron) and some kid on the X-Box learn that trees arn't things you can just drive thru. they are solid. as are walls. fucking idiots. dunno how eze copes.
Have finished writing a small piece of text briefing my findings on E, and will be publishing it online as soon as i can be arsed. >Grin< I have also been asked to do a website for the shop i work in, and will be redesigning Castro's site as soon as Tall Chris buggers off to coventry ;) of course, with all this, my site will need doing too.

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