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Havn't got much to write about really, although i feel i've been neglecting LJ somewhat.

My health is ok, the odd bout of extreme coldness and tiredness seems to occour but is easily combated by going to bed :) My skin is greasy, i seem to be turning into a teenager, with the greasy skin, my moods are also all over the place. Fucking hormones.
have been working on the Castros website, which is coming along quite well, progress is in fits and starts, but in all it's not too bad.

Hopefully i'l be able to see the kids tomorrow, as this is the first saturday after they came back from cornwall. Problem is, i don't think i'll be able to get there :s

Castro's re-launch went well, albeit late, I didn't stay long on the night, wasn't really in the mood.

been playing a couple of new games - (Yes Andeh [EzE] is converting me to the ways of the Hardcore Gamer) - Age Of Mythology is a very good game released 31st Oct by Microsoft. It's a God sim, kinda like Empire Earth and Age Of Empires. You get to choose out of nine mythological gods in all - Three from Greek mythology, three from Egyptian mythology and three from Norse mythology, each race has it's own benefits, of course, but also each God has different advantages.
Warcraft 3 has been around a while but i've only just really looked at it, along the same vien as AoM you choose what species you want to be, out of human, orc, the undead and night elf.
They are both very good RTS games and i recommend you take a look :)

Well, all thru writing this post, (which has taken longer than is should have) i've been munching on cornflakes out of the box. Not because we don't have any milk but because cornflakes out of the box are yummy. Atho, sadly, this isn't putting even a tiny dent in my hunger. so i think i'm going to have to go cook something

I'd like to say something that will produce lots and lots of comments, but i can't, so i won't.


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