Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

Stolen from Lonna

1) Describe, in your own words, beauty.
- visuals which have the power to make me happy by seeing them alone

2) Describe, in your own words, the difference between loving and being in love.
- falling in love happens qiuckly and is all about passion and spontanety, Loving someone develops over time and is all about caring and freindship

3) Do you believe coincidences have meaning?
- Sometimes

4) Do you ever plan to have children? If so, how many?
- I have two, plans for future children are open, but not looking likely

5) Do you fear death?
- yes

6) Do you fear life?
- Yes

7) Do you fear pain?
- Not really

8) Has music ever scared you? If so, what was it?
- No

9) Have you ever genuinely hated anyone?
- Yes

10) Have you ever had surgery? If so, what kind?
- Yes, nothing major, only tonsils.

11) Have you ever seen a tornado? Would you ever chase one?
- No, and Yes.

12) How bad (or good) is your eyesight?
- I have very good daylight vision, but am blind in the dark

13) How do you think the world will end?
- nastily

14) How important are memories to you?
- I have memories that are more precious than life itself. I also have hateful memories I would carve out with a spoon if i could.

15) How loud can you scream?
- Not very

16) How many dramatic, life-altering events have you experienced or witnessed?
- Two, the birth of my two sons

17) How many languages do you wish you knew (and which ones)?
- several, Latin I always wanted to learn as a child
Japanese I wish to learn now, this is a beautiful language, both when spoken and when written

18) How soon will you get your next body modification and what will it be?
- Not sure on both counts - but will want one

19) How would you captivate an audience?
- The last audience i captivated was when me and a few 'friends' went to Spank - A fetish nightclub in Bristol. I was a slave, on a leash and was led to a playroom with a dentists chair in it. I was strapped to this and 'mounted' by my master - after a while of 'playing' we were joined by another female from our group - The rest i can leave to your imagination. but that attracted quite an audience, I even earnt a round of applause when i was released. :D

20) If given the choice, how would you want to die?
- contented, pain free and with Andy at my side.

21) If given the choice, which of your senses would you lose first?
- Hearing, I've all but lost that anyway

22) If you could learn a trade or skill, what would it be?
- Motherhood. It seems, Naturally, I'm not to good at it.

23) If you could wake up as someone else tomorrow, who would you be?
- Bill Gates, well come on, who wouldn't want to be worth $33.92Bn (yes, that's BILLION)

24) Name one song (or more) that makes you cry, and why.
- There are loads

26) Pick your poison.
- There are many

27) To whom have you lied?
- Many, Many people i imagine

28) What article of clothing could you do without for the rest of your life?
- none that i can think of

29) What do you like most about yourself?
- My eyes

30) What do you like least about yourself?
- everything else

34) What is the best live performance you have ever seen?
- can't think of anything

35) What is the most meaningful word you have ever heard?
- Hate

36) What is the most serious crime you would be willing & able to commit?
- Heh.

37) What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?
- Long Time Dead

38) What is your best-kept secret?
- Well :s

39) What is your experience, if any, with illegal substances?
- OMG, too much to list here :p

40) What is your favorite:

Mode of transportation?
- Comfortable car

Name, male and/or female?
- don't have a fave female name, instead i have two male ones - Andrew and Daniel

Planetary body?
- Earth Numbnuts

- summer

Type of writing instrument?
- Keyboard

41) What is your favorite:

- At the momment - Ameretto Coffee

- My children laughing

- Chocolate

Texture or sensation?
- Naked cuddles

42) What is your fondest memory?
- The first time I heard Andy say he loved me

43) What is your greatest fear?
- Not being good enough

44) What is your oddest or quirkiest talent?
- Ambidexterousness, but that's hardly odd

45) What is your strongest-held belief?
- In my children

46) What makes you nostalgic?
- Christmas

47) What makes you strong?
- Anger

48) What makes you vulnerable?
- uncertainty

49) What place have you been to that you never want to return to again?
- There are many times and places that fit that description

50) What religion, if any, were you raised in?
- None

51) What would you put on a vanity license plate?
- M4X 1337

52) What would you teach to someone else?
- knowledge

53) What would you want to be remembered for?
- I don't

54) Where must you go before you die?
- To the top of a rankings board :p

55) Who are "your people"?
- Anyone who calls me their friend when i'm not around

58) Who are the most important people in your life?
- Andy and my children

59) Why are we here?
- to procreate and carry on the species

60) Why are you here?
- Same reason as everyone else

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