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My Tattoo is nice and pretty still - Andy is appreciative still and i am revelling in being able to see it properly with the help of a photo or two at last.
eze hasn't cut his hair in a while and he looks all fluffy and soft - which is really quite cute, but i do hope he cuts it soon, there's only so much 'soft fluffy Andy' i can take in one go.
Andy is planning on doing a core upgrade at work, which is much needed, and he has got involved in a few other things too - I'm not terribly au fait with it all, so i'll let him explain it, but it's all Good Things™ for the business.
I have been playing Impossible Creatures and Sim City 4 - both of which are mucho funo.
Impossible Creatures is a latest Microsoft Games release, the premise is that of an RTS - like warcraft but you get to buld your army by splicing together DNA from different animals - So you can cross a chemelian with a tiger and get a tiger with a long range tounge attack that can blend into it's surroundings - or you can combine a dragonfly and a sperm whale - the result is a dragonfly with a sonar pulse attack and a very large dragonfly with a very deadly swoop attack.
Sim City 4 is, um, well, Sim City 4. If you don't know what Sim City is you ought to be shot. It's much updated and looks very nice, the gameplay is about the same and the interface is very intuitive - there are more disasters and also an online gaming option!?!

I havn't seen the kids for a couple of weeks, and this is making me quite unhappy - But i really didn't want to run the risk of giving them whatever flu bug i had, it was horrible enough for me - wouldn't want them to have got it. Hopefully tho I'll be able to see them on the weekend, or maybe i might be able to get over to see them one evening in the week - this will be a Good Thing™

There are other things weighing on my mind a great deal ATM, and making me quite depressed and questioning of the point of it all, but it's about time i got to bed, these things aren't going away anytime soon, and me whining isn't going to make them seem any less bad.

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