Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

Mmmmm Stuff......

Just sat in at the tail end of an allnighter, which wasn't great, but it was ok. Andy and i watched Vanilla Sky - which in my opinion is a very clever and well thought out film - but know i realise exactly why the people that didn't understand it thought it shit.

Downloaded two new albums last night:- Extreme Euphoria - Mixed by Lisa Lashes - Vol2 and the soundtrack to 8 Mile - both of which are very good.

Plans for the weekend go thus - I need to sleep, which will probably take me up till at least 1900. I've decided i deserve to go clubbing, so in the morning when i wake up (All time explinations like this are relative to me - you will get used to it :p) i will have a bath or something n freshen up, de furr n all that bollox us females have to do because of societies image of 'femininity', dig out my schoolgirl clubbing outfit and go out. I shall aim to get a few pictures taken before i go out, this will prolly involve asking chocojon if he would mind taking pictures of me in very little clothing, or at least a full length mirror & digicam :p Any pictures i deem worthy will end up stealthed away somewhere online and i may even make another LJ icon if i get something good enuff :D

At the momment i am So bored --------------- Bah

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