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Anger management? - Nahh - i got livejournal.

Well. Finally seen what livejournal is all about - and it's no different to office politics or a fucking playground.
I also know that i don't give a shit what Any of you think of me anymore.
- before you ask, no, i'm not on something. but for all those that preach how bad drugs are and tell me how good i am for giving up..? - i wish i was. I wish i was on the strongest shit out there - and know what? i'd love it. i'd preach about it like it was my fucking God, AND i'd want more.
I'll still be here - i'll still be around, but i'm not putting personal crap on here anymore - because i don't know how much is going on behind my back - how many posts i've been locked out of. how much of my life has been made into a laughing stock, how many of my views have been pissed all over.
I don't care if ALL of you take me off your friends lists. I'll still be here - watching, commenting. This journal has changed purpose. I'm sick of being nice - u all obviously don't give a shit about niceness to me, why should i bother?

well - it's six am. i'm going to bed. or maybe i'll play some unreal 2. Fuck knows.

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