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I'm updating this before i read thru all the posts from friends and comments ect... I decided not to do the 12 hr shift on the production line today, as a direct result of a dream i had depicting how miserable it would be, i think it was probably slightly exaggerated as dreams are, but i feel it was a warning that if i did go i could easily loose most of the ground i've covered during the week. (Which would be a shame because mostly as a direct result of EzE's support i've picked up alot faster than i would normally, this is also the reason why i feel things are still on thin ice).
I am happy with regards to progress on getting an IT job, i've spoken to two IT recruitment agencies this week, one has my CV and will contact me if anything suitable to what's in my CV crops up (the least hopefull of the two) and one phoned me on tuesday, gushing about my CV, as i said in tuesday's post, I've registered and they have something for me, sounds like first line helpdesk for "a large ISP based in bristol" make of that what u will, but it just screams to me of Telewest. This is a good thing, first line tech support can lead to higher things quite quickly i'm told, and i bet it's paid a damnsite better than what i could get for an industrial agency.
Well that's enough of me rabbiting for a while, i do have more to say, but i'll check up on my friends first.

one thing i do think it's wise to point out is that EzE is the aforementioned 'Andy' in my posts, and in his posts, yup, u've guessed it, i'm Sam. :)

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