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Mar. 11th, 2003

Well, it looks like i'm going to haveto get working on the next batch of UNLEASHED! flyers (yes this time round there will be an exclamation mark - for none other reason than i feel it to be right. (:p) i have a couple of ideas in mind and with a wealth of images and the leftovers of the last design efforts right from day one on CD i have quite a lot to play with - not to mention all the new stuff on deviantart and other yummy websites like that.

I'm slowly getting the 'promoter' thing right - been networking lots (basically tapping ppl on the shoulder and asking if i can leave some flyers with them - or making friends with random public being all kisses PLUR hugs n smiles and telling them about the place) and also am getting together a few CDs to sit down with 'el Management' and sort out a few new faces in the DJ boxes of the club.

On the home front Daniel is doing well at school - he tells me he doesn't like PE because they make him run around lots, i pointed out to him that he seems to love running about at home and he should see it as just playtime, rather than being 'forced' into it. He's growing up very quickly now and i find myself having more and more 'adult' conversations with him, which is a very good thing. He keeps asking me how Andy is which is very sweet of him.

Andrew is getting on well, apart from the fact that nursery is insisting on trying to potty train him, dispite the fact that he's getting free nappies delivered there paid for by some sort of disability benefit, I spoke to Andrew about it the other day and it quite obviously upsets him being wet in nursery, the fact that the workers there are insisting on doing this strikes me as not much more than cruelty. Chris says he's going to have a word with them about it, and i hope he does soon.

Well, that about it for now really there is lots more but i'll do that another time.

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