Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

1. name
2. birthday
21st October
3. piercings
4. tattoos
1 central at the top of my spine on the back of my neck declaring my devotion to jikatal
5. height
6. shoe size
7. hair color
Currently black at ends - red up to roots and natural colour of 30% grey 70% dark brown at roots
8. length
Middle of back
9. siblings
1 Half brother and 1 Half sister who i am close to and 1 smaller Half sister who i'm not very close to
10. pets

11. movie you watched

Being John Malkovich
12. movie you bought downloaded
um ... not even sure of that one
13. song you listened to
15. song you've downloaded
Paul Glazby - Beautiful (OD404 mix)
16. cd you bought downloaded
Dance Vally 2002 - Mixed By Yoji Biomehanika
17. cd you listened to
Tidy Presents - RESONATE
18. person you've called
James - one of the owners of Castro's, to tell him i was starting on the next batch of flyers
19. person that's called you
Niel, a mate of mine in Barton Hill, to tell me i could move in when i was ready
20. tv show you've watched
erm - TV????? (LOL)
21. person you were thinking of
jikatal cos i'm chatting to him in IRC and looking forward to visiting him tomorrow

22. you have a bf or gf

Have a BF, no GF
23. you have a crush on someone
I still have a crush on Andy!!!!!!
24. you wish you could live somewhere else
(Right at this second) yes.
25. you think about suicide
More often than is healthy recently
26. you believe in online dating
I met kissycat1000 online, so yes
27. others find you attractive
You tell me :p
28. you want more piercings
29. you want more tattoos
yes - I've been told the tattoo i already have is probably the worst place you can have one done. True, it hurt like a bitch, but at the top of my spine i wouldn't have expected any different.
30. you drink
31. you do drugs
32. you like cleaning
Only when i'm fed an unbelievable amount of toxic substances
33. you like roller coasters
34. you write in cursive or print
I can't remember what my handwriting looks like anymore

for or against?
35. long distance relationships

36. using someone
37. suicide
Against. (i should point out that the word against is starting to look very wrong :s - hate it when that happens)
38. killing people
I believe i am capable if i had to.
39. teenage smoking
Against smoking Period.
40. doing drugs
Depends what you use them for.
41. premarital sex
I lost my cherry at 13 - 'nuff said.
42. driving drunk
43. gay/lesbian relationships
44. soap operas

45. food meal

Thai Red Curry with Pashwari naan and ICE cold beer......
46. songs
Lab4 - REQUIEM / Paul Glazby - Beautiful / Paul Glazby - I'm your Nightmare / Dj GRH & Paul Maddox - New York, New York
47. thing to do
Spend intimate time with Andy / get lost in the depth of the above tracks / See a flyer i designed on paper
48. thing to talk about
Lots - Just don't feed me speed, i NEVER shutup
49. sports
Extreme Hardcore Clubbing (Should be an olympic sport)
50. drinks
Dr. Pepper
51. clothes
My £200 full legnth leather coat Andy bought for me
52. movies
Gone in 60 seconds / Go / Blade / blade 2 / Requiem For a Dream / Swordfish / Face Off / The Rock
53. bands DJs
The Tidy Boys / Paul glazby / Lisa Lashes
53a. Albums
Tidy Presents RESONATE / Tidy vs Frantic / Frantic 2002 / Tidy Trax Insomnia 3 / Tidy Presents RESONATE 2 (spotting a pattern yet? :p)
54. holiday
Never been on holiday properly
55. cars
TVR Tuscan A la Swordfish

have you...
56. ever cried over a girl

Yes, one. about a year ago.
57. ever lied to someone
58. ever been in a fist fight
Not since secondary school.
59. ever been arrested

60. shampoo do you use

61. perfume/cologne do you use
Eternity by Ck - although that is running out - need to start buying girlie mags to see if i can find one i like from samples i guess
62. shoes do you wear
My trusty scabby old trainers mostly

64. of times I have had my heart broken?

Truely broken 3 times
65. of hearts I have broken?
one - but he was a fucking psychopath so i don't feel guilty in the least
66. of boys I have kissed?
Heh heh heh
67. of girls I have kissed?
>Wicked Grin<
68. of continents I have lived in?
69. of drugs taken illegally?
types (including under age alcohol & nicotine intake) 5
70. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?
71. of people I consider my enemies?
one - My Mother
72. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with?
can't think, prolly a few
73. of cd's MP3s that I own?
Currently scattered - well over 4Gs worth tho
74. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?
once as far as i'm aware
75. of scars on my body?
in excess of 40
76. of things in my past that I regret?
quite a few.

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