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I think i've finally found myself. It took 25 years, a failed marriage, alot of blood, sweat, tears and heartbreak not to mention love that will never die, and the pain accompanying that.

What am i talking about?
I'm talking about Taz. I found someone who listens to what i want and takes it seriously, no underhanded comments, no pushing the boundries for kicks.

i think the scene of me walking up to the library today would say it all really.

a girl with lots and lots of obviously dyed red hair in a full legnth leather coat, jeans and trainers walking down the road, head held high with a black vest top with the word DEVIANT accross the front in red and a staffy collar adjusted to fit Just Right™ round her neck.

At home i have a chain to go with said Staffordshire-Bull-Terrier collar (for behind locked doors and spank usage) and i have never felt so sure of myself, or so free. I found this strange untill it was explained to me that a preformer only feels free and right when he is on the stage. it's what i want deep down. it's where i feel i belong.

I'm sexually comfortable and at one with myself.
And it feels great.

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