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Umm ...

Woke up several times in the night with a sore throat & unable to breathe properly :( kinda reminds me why i don't hang about with smokers that often. Still it was a great weekend, so it's all good really :)

I'm sitting here watching EzE update his interests and thinking, Hmmz0r......
He is into everything he's put on there mind u, but still .... (u will see what i mean if u take a look :p )

on a slightly heavier note I seem to be doing ok these days, healing up quite well, in both senses. Daniel and Andrew made me mothers day cards at nursery which were quite cute, i shall see if i can borrow Chocojon's digital camera & post a picture of them.

On the subject of their cards, the one Daniel made was in the shape of a cup, and curved on the bottom so that when u put it on a flat surface it rocked, Daniel was saying to me, "look mummy it rocks!" to which i replied damn right it rocks, u made it Daniel. Then an Evil Idea(TM) struck me.... I then said to Daniel, "What u should actually say, mate, is that that card Rox0rz" This got a defeatest glance from Chris.
I then said to Daniel "What u Actually need to be doing, is going up to Daddy and saying 'I'm gonna rox0r u Daddy'" This got an incredably not nice look from Chris and an even nastier look when Daniel actually did it! Heh heh heh.

I Also indirectly taught Andrew a new word (he can make soft noises but not hard ones, we think this is due to a slight pallete deformation which is part of a genetic disorder). He was bouncing around on the bed singing 'bob the builder' very loudly on wednesday when i had him over for the day & i commented on how he was a bit of a looney really, and he turned round to me and repeated it perfectly! It sounds very sweet and i shall endevour to get a recording of him saying it.

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