Snoweh (goddesssnoweh) wrote,

Hmmmz......... News on the design of my collar, and other ideas.....

goddesssnoweh: i've decided on the design for my collar too
azekeil: cool
goddesssnoweh: the same thickness and width as the one i have now, black, of course
azekeil: yeah
azekeil: I think it'd be ace if you had a 'punishment' collar, with some sort of small spikes on the inside to cause discomfort and remind you of your position
goddesssnoweh: accross the front i'mgoing to have 'COLLARED' in nice white writing
goddesssnoweh: Oooh, there's an idea
azekeil: :)
azekeil: it's good two-fold, because it constantly reminds you that you're collared as well as being uncomfortable
goddesssnoweh: it's going to do up not with a buckle, but with a small metal ring going through a slit in the other end and be padlocked
azekeil: nice touch :)
azekeil: brb
goddesssnoweh: a silver slave ring on the front for the leash and small discreet erm, loopy things to put stuff on, like chains, both sides and at the back

[EDIT] The 'COLLARED' on the front is because i've had odd looks from people who look like they SHOULD know what it's about - which means they are wondering if i'm ACTUALLY collared or it's just an accessory

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