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Sneaky peek into the daily meanderings of Me.

Exactly what it says in the title :)

21 October 1977
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I hate writing bios and I've had this account for .. um .... a Very Long Time™ so I'm sure you can figure out most stuff yourself :)

absinthe, acid, acid-trance, aibo, ainme, alcohol, angelina jolie, anime, apocalypse now, archery, bdsm, big-screen-tvs, biochemistry, biomechanical art, bittorrent, black books, blade, body alterations, bondage, bristol, burning man, caffeine, candyflipping, cats, chaos, chocolate, clubbing, coke, comic books, comics, coming up, computers, cool glowy things, corsets, cosplay, cuddles in bed, cuddling, dance music, dancing, devil may cry, dirty bass-lines, dooleys, e, eddie izzard, egl, euphoria, extreme non productive psychoanalyzing, fetish fashion, fetishes, final fantasy, firefly, fisting, fluffy stuff, free parties, friendship, geisha, glitter'n'shiny things, hard candy, hard trance, hardhouse, hentai, hugs, ikea, infected mushroom, interest stealing, interesting sex, interesting things, interesting-hair, intoxication, invader zim, japan, japanese subculture, jet li, joey, johnny depp, kisses, kissing, knives, lara croft, laughing, love, masochism, me, medical fetish, milla jovovich, mmorpgs, movies, music, neurochemistry, new rock boots, pain, pc games, pharmacology, photography, piercing, piercings, poi, post-apocalyptic imagery, prodigy, psy trance, psy-trance, pubs, pvc, reading, recreational biology, recreational chemistry, red hair, red vs blue, ripsnorter, ritual, role-playing, serenity, shamanism, shibari, shouting at pikeys, singing, snuggling, soul calibur, stealing interests, stella artois, stimulants, storms, submission, subsonic frequencies, sushi, takashi miike, tattoos, techno, trainspotting, trance, transmetropolitan, ultraviolet light, uv, uv reactive, uv stuff, video games, violent sex, web design, wierdness, wine, world of warcraft, you